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Work Health and Safety

Managing workplace injuries

Managing an injury at work

How do I manage injuries at the workplace? Injuries can and do happen, when they do, it is important that they are managed with the end return to work goal in mind. That is, returning the employee to their full pre-injury work duties with the same employer (wherever possible). Managing

Working for Women Strategy

Working for Women Strategy

Working for Women Strategy The Australian Government recently issued the “Working for Women Strategy.” This strategy contains long term goals towards “an Australia where people are safe, treated with respect, have choices and have access to resources and equal outcomes no matter their gender” (Working for Women Strategy). The strategy

Health & Safety Committee

Health & Safety Committees

Why do we need them? While each State and Territory has its own Occupational and Work Health Safety legislation, all employers have a legal obligation to ensure that each workplace or site is safe for employees, clients, and visitors. Health and Safety committees (HSCs) can play a key role

Industrial Manslaughter

Industrial Manslaughter

Industrial manslaughter – It is an offence Industrial manslaughter is the offence of recklessly or negligently failing to ensure the safety of workers or others impacted by the business or undertaking, leading to the death of the worker or other person. As the number of workplace fatalities increases, employers have

Managing stress and fatigue in your workplace

Workplace stress and fatigue continue to be a concern for many employers due to the impact on productivity and absenteeism. The good news is there are steps you can take to manage stress and fatigue in your workplace. Reducing workplace stressors and providing flexibility and support can help promote workplace

Positive Duty and the Sexual Discrimination Act

In line with the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, organisations and businesses have a positive duty to eliminate, as far as possible, sexual discrimination and harassment and associated behaviours from occurring in the workplace. Behaviours of concern include any behaviour which might make someone feel uncomfortable, unsafe or disrespected at work