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Workit - HR Software made simple

Complement your HR Membership with Workit

Workit HRIS streamlines your HR processes and empowers you to manage your everyday HR and save precious time.

With comprehensive HR software features, you can effortlessly manage your HR operations, improve employee engagement and boost productivity.

Together with your HR Advice Online membership – we’ve got you covered.

Workit and HR Advice Online - the complete solution

HR Database


HR advice for small business membership and franchise groups


Need additional HR support?

HR Advice Online provide several other products are services which may be beneficial for your business, including:

HR Advice

Safety Advice

HR Consulting

Training & Education

HR Advice Online is trusted by businesses across Australia.

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Who Is HR Advice Online?

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How long do I get support?

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Do I need to renew my agreement every year??

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