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Latest News

HR for Managers – The Four Keys to Success

Often employees are promoted through the ranks due to their “on the job” knowledge, skills and experience with a Company. Promotion opportunities within a business provides a career path and is a great way to retain valuable team members and company knowledge and prepares the employees to become People Managers.

Interviewing for Success

Are you starting the new year with a new hire? Make sure the interview experience creates the best first impression for your candidates and supports the recruitment of the best candidate for the role. Ideally you will conduct the first interview in person, however if this is not possible you

Positive Duty and the Sexual Discrimination Act

In line with the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, organisations and businesses have a positive duty to eliminate, as far as possible, sexual discrimination and harassment and associated behaviours from occurring in the workplace. Behaviours of concern include any behaviour which might make someone feel uncomfortable, unsafe or disrespected at work

Stand down during an emergency/disaster/flooding

Australia has beautiful weather that often keeps us guessing. The harsh reality is that we are a nation of extreme weather from drought to flooding rains. Did you know that when there is a natural disaster, such as a bushfire or flood, other rules under the Fair Work Act may

How to offboard employees effectively

While most companies put a great deal of effort into their recruitment and onboarding process, the offboarding process can be just as important in the employee lifecycle.  Taking the time to ensure a detailed handover, return of equipment and resources, processing final payments, conducting exit interviews and communicating the departure

Employment Contracts – What are they and why we need them?

At the core of every employment relationship is the employment contract. The employment contract is a binding agreement between two parties in which an individual agrees to perform work in return for payment. As with any contract, the law requires certain conditions to be met before it will recognise an

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