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HR Advice Online is the preferred HR partner for Allied Health Professions Australia. Discover how HR Advice Online can help you grow and protect your practice and help you to inspire your people perform at their best.

The Right Advice When You Need It

Simple, Straightforward Support When You Need It

HR problems are often cited as the biggest obstacle to business growth! Knowing which award applies to your business, how to terminate an employee who’s not performing and understanding employment obligations takes time and energy. 

Not to mention the challenge of managing performance to get the best out of your team, or avoiding appearance at the Fair Work Commission for non compliance.

What We Offer AHPA Members

HR Advice Online offers personal, friendly and straight forward HR advice, training and tools for allied health practitioners. HR help is just a phone call away.


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The Source, our newsletter with the latest HR news

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Free HR tools to manage your practice

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A free initial 30 minute HR Consultation

Paid Annual HR Subscriptions

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HR Advice Online Memberships (VIP or Platinum)

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Safety Advice Online

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Performance Management Online

HR Consulting

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Assistance with HR projects and specific HR issues

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New Hire Packages

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Education & Training 

Why Choose Us?

We have every step of the employee life cycle covered.

HR advice for small business membership and franchise groups
A better experience

Help is just a phone call away. Talk to someone you trust, who knows you and your business by name.

HR advice for small business membership and franchise groups
Allied Health HR experts
Make employment decisions confidently, knowing you’ve got advice from HR consultants who understand allied health awards & employment laws.
HR advice for small business membership and franchise groups
Get it right

Save time and money. Access our
HR templates including employee handbook, employment contracts, letters of offer, which comply with relevant employment laws.

AHPA Member Benefits

The partnership package provides value to AHPA and its members across three levels:

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AHPA, as the umbrella organisation for allied health professions

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AHPA’s member organisations

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Allied health practice owners who are a member of a participating AHPA member organisation

AHPA Discounted MembershipGeneral Membership
Free HR Advice Online MembershipIncludes:
- The Source, our newsletter with the latest HR News
- Free HR tools to manage your practice
- A free initial 30-minute HR Consultation
- The Source, our newsletter with the latest HR News
- Free HR tools to manage your practice
- Platinum HR Membership
- Safety Advice Online Membership
- HR Consulting
- Training & Development
Discounted Price:
- $247.50 per month
- $179.10 per month
- 10% discount
- 10% discount
Recommended Retail Price:
- $275 per month
- $199 per month
- Price on request
- Price on request
HR Education - Free attendance at our webinars
- Access to our online training videos
- Attendance at your meeting or event and present a HR topic
- Access to a limited range of training videos

HR Advice Online is trusted by businesses across Australia.

Stay up to date with the latest Australian small business HR news.

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How can you reduce your employee turnover? Attraction and retention are issues facing many businesses. The most successful employers recognise the value of their employees and are constantly looking for ways to retain their best performers. Turnover contributes to higher labour costs and lowers overall business profitability and success. It can also have significant effect...

How do I manage injuries at the workplace? Injuries can and do happen, when they do, it is important that they are managed with the end return to work goal in mind. That is, returning the employee to their full pre-injury work duties with the same employer (wherever possible). Managing workplace injuries and return to...

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