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Managing increased absenteeism in the workplace

Managing increased absenteeism in the workplace Managing unplanned absences can be difficult and risky. When not managed well, excessive absenteeism can create a significant cost for employers due to: Reduced productivity, Increased costs to cover ‘replacement’ employees, and Impact on the workplace and team morale. Further difficulties arise where a pattern of absenteeism develops, especially […]

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Right to Disconnect

Right to Disconnect

The Right to Disconnect – What you need to know The Right to Disconnect has been introduced as an amendment to the Fair Work Act via the legislation of the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes No. 2) Act 2024. The amendment is intended to protect employees from any adverse action by the Employer, where the Employee

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Bullying and harassment Training

Bullying and harassment can be a mine field and when it occurs, can have long lasting negative impacts on the complainant, respondent, their co-workers, and their employer. Bullying and harassment can be even further reaching, affecting operational productivity, quality and the customer experience. It is imperative that employers have current bullying policies and procedures in place and those managers

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