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Hire and Onboard

No Contract and still an employee?

Recently a case was heard before the Fair Work Commission (FWC) where a worker claimed unfair dismissal from their employer. The employer objected to the claim on the grounds that they understood the worker to be an independent contractor and not an employee (and therefore the worker was not eligible

Interviewing for Success

Are you starting the new year with a new hire? Make sure the interview experience creates the best first impression for your candidates and supports the recruitment of the best candidate for the role. Ideally you will conduct the first interview in person, however if this is not possible you

Interview questions to challenge your potential new hire

Interviews provide such a small window of opportunity to understand the capabilities of your potential new hire. We often rely on pre-set behavioural questions which candidates may well have rehearsed and prepared for. Here we explore some of our favourite questions which will not only assist you to determine the

Staff Perks – Ideas to attract and retain key talent

With the introduction of hybrid work models, many businesses with employees who have resumed working five days per week in the office are finding a higher than normal turnover of their staff. Similarly, many employers are experiencing difficulties in attracting new staff. Employers who offer flexibility, growth, great experiences, healthy

Recruitment first impressions

As an employer, it is likely that the first impressions made by a candidate will be long lasting and may have one of the greatest impacts on your decision to offer a position.   But it is also important to know that the first impressions you, the employer make will have

How to write a winning job advertisement

How to write a winning job advertisement   Now more than ever you need to be diligent and focused on recruiting the right employees. It’s a tough market out there with candidates taking the pick of the roles and often negotiating a remuneration package well above the market rates. So,