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HR for Managers – The Four Keys to Success

Often employees are promoted through the ranks due to their “on the job” knowledge, skills and experience with a Company. Promotion opportunities within a business provides a career path and is a great way to retain valuable team members and company knowledge and prepares the employees to become People Managers.

Bullying and harassment Training

Bullying and harassment can be a mine field and when it occurs, can have long lasting negative impacts on the complainant, respondent, their co-workers, and their employer. Bullying and harassment can be even further reaching, affecting operational productivity, quality and the customer experience. It is imperative that employers have current bullying policies and procedures

Personality types in the workplace – how to best motivate your team

Knowing how to get the best out of your people is a great skill for all managers and leaders to have.  Behavioural profiling gives you an insight into the way that people behave, make decisions, process information and prefer to communicate. The graphic below shares an insight into the best

Domestic Violence – What you can do as an employer

Domestic Violence can include many different types of abuse, some being physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, emotional, financial as well as cyber. While not always obvious to Employers when domestic violence is occurring, some of the repercussions from domestic violence in the workplace could include absenteeism, disengagement, and reduced productivity. Sadly,

The importance of Listening to your Team

There are great benefits in creating a work environment where employees feel engaged, connected and are able to make a contribution to the business.    Listening to your employees is a crucial component. Trust When employees’ and employers’ goals are aligned, they are set up for success and great outcomes for the

Better Off Overall Test (BOOT)

The BOOT is better known for its use by the Fair Work Commission to test that relevant modern award covered employees. Whilst employees will be better off under a proposed enterprise agreement, the BOOT is a valuable tool for employers to ensure that employees who are remunerated, by either an