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Substitution of Public Holidays

Substitution of Public Holidays

Substitution of Public Holidays – Could it work in your business? There is an increasing trend with businesses providing an opportunity for their employees to substitute public holidays throughout the calendar year. This trend has become particularly prevalent in large scale business environments, but it is growing in popularity across

Right to Disconnect

Right to Disconnect

The Right to Disconnect – What you need to know The Right to Disconnect has been introduced as an amendment to the Fair Work Act via the legislation of the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes No. 2) Act 2024. The amendment is intended to protect employees from any adverse action by

Supports small businesses

Legislation that Supports Small Businesses

Legislation that supports small businesses – What is a small business and how is legislation different for small businesses? The Fair Work Act says you are a small business if you employ fewer than 15 people. This is the total number of individuals, not the full-time equivalent number. This can include

HR for Managers – The Four Keys to Success

Often employees are promoted through the ranks due to their “on the job” knowledge, skills and experience with a Company. Promotion opportunities within a business provides a career path and is a great way to retain valuable team members and company knowledge and prepares the employees to become People Managers.

Bullying and harassment Training

Bullying and harassment can be a mine field and when it occurs, can have long lasting negative impacts on the complainant, respondent, their co-workers, and their employer. Bullying and harassment can be even further reaching, affecting operational productivity, quality and the customer experience. It is imperative that employers have current bullying policies and procedures

Personality types in the workplace – how to best motivate your team

Knowing how to get the best out of your people is a great skill for all managers and leaders to have.  Behavioural profiling gives you an insight into the way that people behave, make decisions, process information and prefer to communicate. The graphic below shares an insight into the best