The importance of Listening to your Team

There are great benefits in creating a work environment where employees feel engaged, connected and are able to make a contribution to the business.   

Listening to your employees is a crucial component.


When employees’ and employers’ goals are aligned, they are set up for success and great outcomes for the organisation and the individual. To ensure alignment it is imperative that there is trust and to have trust one must listen, be supportive/honest, non-judgemental and have clear communication.

Culture & Productivity

Active listening is key, if you fail to listen to your employees’ views and ideas this can cause resentment and in turn lower the individuals output and productivity. This also highlights the importance of clear internal communication, this can do wonders for culture, fostering trust and understanding in your workplace.

Avoiding conflict & building better workplace relationships

There is always going to be different opinions and at times miscommunication that causes complications in the workplace, however taking the time to listen and understand another person’s perspective works towards resolving conflict and avoiding such escalation. Focusing on active listening and taking the time to understand in turn builds far stronger working relationships.

If the employer and employee share aligned and common goals, they are setting up for success. Encourage whomever is speaking to focus on what they are saying and maintain an open mindset.

More than half of the time is spent on listening in the workplace. This is instead of reading, talking and writing.  An effective way to ensure the listener will engage with the speaker is to demonstrate listening behaviour including, remaining silent and asking effective questions. In the workplace,
this will only improve relationships between employee’s, co-workers and managers and increase the productivity of the company. Therefore, effective and active listening is essential in the workplace.


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