Personality types in the workplace – how to best motivate your team

Knowing how to get the best out of your people is a great skill for all managers and leaders to have.  Behavioural profiling gives you an insight into the way that people behave, make decisions, process information and prefer to communicate.

The graphic below shares an insight into the best way to motivate the 4 different behavioural styles.

We all behave differently in different situations. Sometimes these differences can be a challenge in both our professional and personal lives. Extended DISC®  helps us to understand why we differ and how we can more effectively interact with others. It teaches us the styles that come naturally to us and the way that others around us like to be interacted with. This leads to more effective communication and better results for you, your team and the organisation as a whole.

 Kerrie Canning is a Master Trainer of Extended DISC®. HR Advice Online run workshops and training programs for individuals, teams and organisations. 

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