How to write a winning job advertisement

How to write a winning job advertisement


Now more than ever you need to be diligent and focused on recruiting the right employees.

It’s a tough market out there with candidates taking the pick of the roles and often negotiating a remuneration package well above the market rates.

So, what will help you identify and attract the best candidates when you have a vacancy?

Here are a few handy tips to make the process a little easier

  • Make sure your advert is mobile friendly – around 70% of job seekers search this way
  • Your job title needs to be relatable – use common words that are easily recognisable and understood i.e. Office Manager rather than Office Guru
  • Break your advert down into defined sections that are easy to read – Title, About the company, About the role, Duties, Skills & Experience, Culture, Benefits and How to Apply
  • Make sure your advert clearly reflects the day-to-day role. Ask someone else to read your draft and tell you what they would be doing in the role. Use their feedback to fine tune your advert.
  • Make sure your advert reflects the position description and outlines the major duties and responsibilities in 4-6 bullet points. Write them in order of importance.
  • What’s in it for me? Put yourself in your candidate’s shoes  – what would attract you to the advert and the role? Culture, flexibility, strong team focus, remuneration, bonuses etc.
  • Highlight all the benefits of the role and company as well as developmental opportunities. 
  • Use positive words to encourage job seekers to keep reading. Words like creative, friendly, team orientated, reputable, progressive, innovative, acclaimed.
  • Avoid negative words such as little, staff, perhaps, maybe, small, position.
  • Include your name, email address and mobile and invite potential new employees to contact you with questions. Whilst at first you may feel this is a time waster, you may just speak to someone who sounds perfect! You can really hear “motivation” over the phone.
  • Spell check – nothing worse than seeing an advert that asks for “attention to detail” yet has a typo. Last time we did a job search for a “Manger” there were 277 listed! We wouldn’t apply for a manager role like that. Would you?”

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