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Case Study - Real Estate

Leanne Rayner

Director First National Rayner Real Estate Franchise - Real Estate

As a small business which has grown substantially over the past 10 years it was apparent we could no longer handle HR issues flying “by the seat of our pants”. Staffing issues were becoming more and more common in a growing business. From recruitment and performance management to managing Leave, our corporate policies and more recently Vaccination mandates. Some of these were able to be dealt with in one phone call and some were needing a process plan over weeks and months.

We were first introduced to the HROAL team at a convention with our network. We loved the simple and friendly approach shown by them and found our companies values aligned extremely well with theirs. These ladies are very professional and know their stuff.

Over the years we have met various members of staff all of whom have been friendly, knowledgeable and diligent. All additional resources were provided after a phone call or email to follow up with correct legislation and procedure.

We have also undertaken training days with HRAOL for our whole team which have been delivered in a fun way which helps everyone understand where they are at and what is expected.

Some of the topics covered have been Extended Disc training and a Bullying workshops.

HRAOL have always helped resolve issues in a professional way. They have helped us do things legally and in a fair manner which gives our people trust and clarity in our organisational procedures.

Most tricky issues that come up around our people are now run past HRAOL for our peace of mind and our protection.

“I cannot thank the team at HR Advice Online for making our dealing with staff procedures run so much more smoothly. It has been a pleasure to work with them and know there is someone in the background that has the knowledge and has your back in every situation. Could not recommend them more highly, honestly, it will save your dollars and your sanity.” – Leanne Rayner – Director

HR Advice Online is trusted by businesses across Australia.