Attraction and Retention – What’s the attraction to your business?

Attraction and retention has always been a focus for Australian businesses.

A recent survey by Gartner Global Talents surveyed 853 employees in Australia, finding that employee perception of the organisation that they work for has reached a low of 27%.

Workplace culture can be a complex issue, made more complex post pandemic with changing views on returning to the workplace and a shift in  employee desire and satisfaction. The “ What’s in it for me?” is more important to reflect on than ever before.

Top 5 drivers are currently:

1.      Location

2.    Work-life balance

3.    Respect

4.   Compensation

5.    Coworker quality

Top 5 attrition drivers are reportedly:

1.     Manager quality

2.    Respect

3.    People Management

4.   Compensation

5.  Coworker quality

It is thought that the appearance of coworker quality in recent findings is a reflection of remote working arrangements and workplace disengagement.

Focusing on some of the below topics in your attraction and retention strategies will support a healthier workplace and a strong harmonious workplace culture.

1. Dignity and Respect

Employees want their employer to be ethical and treat their employees, clients and stakeholders with dignity and respect.

Employees long to be included and to have information shared with them.

Consider these questions:

·       How is the year progressing?

·       How is the business performing?

·       What were our collective results?

·       Where is our business headed?

·       What are our shared business goals?

It’s important to support your employees and provide the right information for professional stimulation and progress.

Recognise and accommodate employees’ professional interests – for example, the opportunity for them to mentor, create or

2. Appreciation

Employees seek appreciation for who they are and what they bring to the business. They want to be included in projects where their unique skills or experience makes a contribution.

A simple “thank you” as recognition for an accomplishment, a milestone, or for stepping up can make a lasting,
unforgettable impression.

3. Ability to grow professionally

This can support your employees through a number of methods including formal and informal learning, training, coaching, mentoring and feedback.

Employees value workplace learning and on the job training opportunities to work with a variety of individuals, teams, and leaders. Employees like to feel as though they are forever valuable to the business, and growing and learning.

It’s important to talk to your employee about their career goals. Increasing your employees skills and abilities can add value to your business and strengthen your workforce, whilst allowing them to fulfill their professional goals.

4. Mentorship and Buddies

The strength of mentorship and leadership cannot be underestimated.

Mentorship workplace programs are beneficial to an employee’s personal and career development and can also improve working relationships and productivity.

5. Fairness and Equity

Compensation is usually not why employees leave, though t’s important to ensure fairness and equality within the current job market.

6. Rewarding results

If you don’t have a formal program, explore ways to reward exceptional results. Having both individual and team-oriented programs rewarding achievement of goals can be of great benefit and very rewarding for
employees. Employees will always appreciate a gesture of recognition. They will feel valued and validated.

7. Meaningful work

Connecting the dots and demonstrating how your employees contribute to business goals helps understand how the work they do contributes to the success of your business.  Regardless of the type of work people are performing, linking their day-to-day efforts to the difference they make to your business is important to creating meaning.

8. Diversity and Inclusion

People are increasingly seeking workplaces that value diversity and inclusion and ensure that their needs are being accommodated.

People want to reach their full potential, therefore seeking those employers that provide equitable career opportunities, accommodate and include them drive creativity, innovation, and strong results through sharing ideas and best practices.

9. Leadership

Employees want to learn and be supported, coached and mentored. As an employer and manager, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day, with some managers left feeling as though they don’t have enough time or
capacity to regularly coach their employees.

Employees thrive on goal setting, which supports achievement. There is enormous opportunity to celebrate success as the employees achieve and exceed targets and key performance indicators.

10. Work-Life Balance & Fun

This may be the most important aspect of any career or workplace. Work is what we do with most of our lives, and it is important to employees that they can be happy and healthy. We spend more time in the workplace than we do with our children, spouses, partners, friends, and family. You need to be motivated and happy about both.

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