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Using HR Advice Online has made a real difference to how we operate on a weekly basis. As a business owner you have several hats to wear every single day and the structure that they put in place and the availability to get answers when you need them is second to none.

- Damien Murphy, First National Phillips Nicholson


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'Fanciful’ and ‘ill-considered' dismissal of employee on personal leave.
An employer’s dismissal of an employee while she was on a period of personal leave recovering from surgery was deemed to be "illogical” an...

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Accepting an employee’s request for termination – What are the Risks?
As an employer, you may at times have an exiting employee approach you to request that their voluntary resignation be processed by the Company as bein...

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True or False?  Employees have to be given 3 formal warnings before their employment can be terminated.
False!   While it is best practice for an employer to provide an underperforming employee written warnings prior to terminating their employmen...

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Compliance - Kick Off 2018 on the Right Foot!
The start of a brand-new year is a great time to review your Company’s HR policies and procedures so as to ensure legal compliance. While this m...

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Intoxication in the Workplace
While it is commonly accepted that working while under the influence of alcohol is unacceptable, employers do need to be prepared by taking proactive ...

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Can I Performance Manage An Employee Who Suffers From Anxiety?
With increasing recognition that a large number of the population suffers from anxiety, feelings of insecurity and other mood disorders (at least from...

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Are Employers Obliged To Provide References For Past Employees?
Employers are under no obligation to provide either written or verbal references for their employee (whether they are currently employed or have been ...

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