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HR Advice Online have helped many of my clients and they rave about the advice, especially in the tricky areas of handling difficult employees. The HR Advice Online team saves them an enormous amount of money by doing it correctly the first time. They move on from their issues quickly and cheaply without the potential psychological stress.

- Nick Ikonomou, ActionCOACH business coaching


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Can an employee be recalled from annual leave?
The Fair Work Act 2009 provides that paid annual leave may be taken for a period that has been agreed TO between an employee and their employer. Howev...

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True or False – Do We Need to Keep Employee Records?
True - As an employer, there are clear obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) to maintain up to date employment records for each of your...

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Should termination pay be paid immediately?
 A question that we regularly are asked is, do we have to pay termination pay on the day of termination?  Whilst the Fair Work Act is silent...

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'Fanciful’ and ‘ill-considered' dismissal of employee on personal leave.
An employer’s dismissal of an employee while she was on a period of personal leave recovering from surgery was deemed to be "illogical” an...

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Accepting an employee’s request for termination – What are the Risks?
As an employer, you may at times have an exiting employee approach you to request that their voluntary resignation be processed by the Company as bein...

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True or False?  Employees have to be given 3 formal warnings before their employment can be terminated.
False!   While it is best practice for an employer to provide an underperforming employee written warnings prior to terminating their employmen...

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Compliance - Kick Off 2018 on the Right Foot!
The start of a brand-new year is a great time to review your Company’s HR policies and procedures so as to ensure legal compliance. While this m...

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