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HR Advice Online allows us not to worry about HR. We get all the information that we require – all the resources, the forms, anything that we require is done by them. If we get audited HR Advice Online makes sure we are compliant. Also, for any issues that we’re not sure how to deal with; they’re only a phone call away.

- Sharon Knott, First National Treeby


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New Legislation Targeting Franchise Head Office and Parent Companies

New Legislation is set to be drafted and introduced into parliament that will include new offence provisions to target head office and parent companies that fail to deal with the mismanagement of staff by their franchisees.

The new legislation comes on the back of a number of high profile recent cases of franchisees under-paying employees and not meeting the minimum requirements set out by the Fair Work Act.

This recent article in The Age discusses the systematic under-payment of staff by 7-Eleven franchisees and explains the potential impact of the new legislation.

It means that Head Office and parent companies of franchises will need to take all possible measures to ensure that their franchisees are compliant with all Australian Workplace Law.

To find out more about getting prepared for this new legislation contact us at or on 1300 720 004.

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