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HR Advice Online allows us not to worry about HR. We get all the information that we require – all the resources, the forms, anything that we require is done by them. If we get audited HR Advice Online makes sure we are compliant. Also, for any issues that we’re not sure how to deal with; they’re only a phone call away.

- Sharon Knott, First National Treeby

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Failure to Sign Employment Contract
An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee that sets out the rights and obligations of each party.  Employment co...

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Cashed out Annual Leave – Does this count as ordinary time earnings for the purpose of superannuation?
Cashed out annual leave is considered to be part of an employee’s ordinary time earnings (OTE) for the purpose of calculating the 9.5 percent Su...

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Are Bonuses and Commissions paid during periods of Annual Leave?
When calculating annual leave payments, should you consider an employee's bonus and commissions?  While the definition of ‘ordinary pay&...

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Why Consultation During Redundancies is Critical
Where downsizing your workforce is necessary, it can be a difficult process for all parties involved. Where redundancies need to occur, it is essent...

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Supporting Employees to Transition into Retirement
Supporting Employees to Transition into Retirement  Despite commons misconceptions, there is no compulsory retirement age for employees in Austr...

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 Employer found Vicariously Liable in Sexual Harassment Case.
 Employer found Vicariously Liable in Sexual Harassment Case.  Sexual harassment is unlawful in the workplace.  The Sex Discrimination...

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Can Casual Workers Request to be Engaged on a Permanent Basis?
Can Casual Workers Request to be Engaged on a Permanent Basis?  Can a casual worker who has been employed with your business for an extended per...

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When Must Termination Payments Be Paid?
When processing an employee’s termination pay, there can often be confusion regarding whether there is a specific time frame in which as an empl...

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It’s Time to be Proactive with Managing Social Media
With over 1.79 billion Facebook users, 467 million LinkedIn members and millions of Twitter users, it is highly likely that a number of your employees...

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Criminal Records – Can you Refuse to Employ Someone with a Conviction?
Many employers require potential employees to undertake a criminal record check as part of their recruitment and selection process. To support this pr...

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