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Using HR Advice Online has made a real difference to how we operate on a weekly basis. As a business owner you have several hats to wear every single day and the structure that they put in place and the availability to get answers when you need them is second to none.

- Damien Murphy, First National Phillips Nicholson

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Reasonable Performance Management Does Not Amount to Bullying.
In a recent case heard by the Fair Work Commission, it was determined that performance management action taken by management where:  ...

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Position Titles and High Incomes Do Not Always Provide Protection from Unfair Dismissal
In a case recently examined by the Fair Work Commission, it was determined that where the principal purpose for which an employee is employed falls ...

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Social Networking in the workplace – Who owns professional contacts?
The emergence of social media has dramatically changed the way in which employees establish and build both their personal and professional networks. A...

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Does the National Minimum Wage increase impact enterprise agreement wage rates?
The national minimum wage review that was recently handed down will apply to all employees regardless of whether they are award-free, covered by a mod...

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Can a Probation Period be Extended?
Often, employers wish to extend a probation period of a new employee due to unexpected absence or performance issues where they are unsure if they hav...

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Employees Using Private Vehicles for Work - What are the risks?
Do you require any of your employees to drive their own personal vehicle for work purposes? If so, are you aware of what health and safety issues ma...

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Failure to Sign Employment Contract
An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee that sets out the rights and obligations of each party.  Employment co...

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Cashed out Annual Leave – Does this count as ordinary time earnings for the purpose of superannuation?
Cashed out annual leave is considered to be part of an employee’s ordinary time earnings (OTE) for the purpose of calculating the 9.5 percent Su...

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Are Bonuses and Commissions paid during periods of Annual Leave?
When calculating annual leave payments, should you consider an employee's bonus and commissions?  While the definition of ‘ordinary pay&...

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Why Consultation During Redundancies is Critical
Where downsizing your workforce is necessary, it can be a difficult process for all parties involved. Where redundancies need to occur, it is essent...

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